Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rustic Christmas with old Mason Jars

I love Christmas, crafts, and especially Christmas crafts! I've been pinning possible projects on my Pinterest boards for years.  Sometimes I go back and look at all my pins for inspiration.  I usually like to combine and deviate - very seldom making something exactly like the picture or tutorial. 

                     My latest Christmas project combines my love for rustic things and mason jars.  This idea came from a couple different pins like these.

There really isn't much of a tutorial, but here's the list of materials that I used:

1)  old wooden box
2)  green garland - use wire cutters and cut into smaller branches
3)  berry garland - use wire cutters and cut small groups of berries
4)  3 pine cones - from an old christmas decoration
5)  2 mason jars - I put epsom salt in the bottom to represent snow
6)  2 berry scented candles - placed in the bottom of the mason jars, on top of the salt

There is a lot of opportunity for creative freedom here. Decorate to suit your taste and decor.

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  1. Turned out really pretty shari! i'll have to put this on my list for xmas next year. thanks for linking up!