Thursday, December 26, 2013

Information Center - old school style

For some reason, I love the look of washboards. Thank God, I've never had to use one, but there's just something about them that intrigues me. 
I found some small washboards at an antique dealer and bought 3 of them to make something for my 3 daughters for Christmas - though I wasn't sure what yet.
Then, I saw these mail organizers at Bed Bath & Beyond and thought I could attach them to the washboards to make something to help keep track of mail, keys, etc.
Unfortunately, when I got them home, I realized that the mail organizers were too big to attach to the small washboards I had.  I was still stuck on the idea of attaching them to a washboard, so I searched for some bigger ones on-line, on Craig's List, and came across these at Hardware World.

Still not exactly sure as to what I was going to do or how the final product would look, I asked my husband to paint them for me.  (He does all my spray painting claiming I'm too messy).  I told him to use the Espresso paint I had just bought and when he brought them in from the garage, I realized it wasn't the color I wanted.  So, I told him that I would use them anyway, as I hated to ask him to paint them again.  Knowing I wasn't happy with my choice, he offered to go buy the Dark Walnut that I really wanted and he painted them again...with only a little grumbling.  At this point they were starting to come together, but still needed something...

Then, I remembered the chalkboard contact paper I had purchased and only used once.  This would look good and be functional at the top of the board - above the galvanized section.

For some reason, I didn't think the galvanized section would be magnetic.  So I splurged for the magnetic paint (even after reading multiple reviews on how terrible it is) and was shocked and happy to learn I didn't need it.  The magnets stick without it.  So I made a few magnets from the bottle caps I had on hand (Michael's clearance).  
I hope the girls can use them and appreciate the creative process I go through to finish a vague idea I had!

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