Wednesday, October 30, 2013


 One sunny Friday in October I decided to take a little drive on my lunch hour.  It was unusually warm and I was tired of sitting at my desk all week.  I stumbled on a Barn Sale and found this bench, that I stole for $10.   I knew I could do something with it, if I could just find the right fabric.  (The woman who sold it to me asked me to send her a picture of the makeover when it was done.)

I wanted something modern, in a simple, luxury print.  Gray is my new favorite decorating color, so I had a starting point.  I checked all kinds of websites and images on-line and considered a few of these patterns:

Then I remembered this bench I saw in Kirkland's that I just loved.  

Maybe I could make something similar. 

This tan damask print was pretty, but it wasn't gray.

Then, I found this on an Etsy site (Fabric Secret) - Yep, this was it!

I decided I could make a couple pillows for it and I found this cute coordinating (negative print) fabric and ordered them instantly. 
Though she (Vivian at FABRIC SECRET) shipped fast, I was so anxious to get started. 

I sweet talked my husband into painting the legs.  (Actually, he won't let me spray paint in his garage anymore because I'm a little messy - so he does ALL my spray painting).

I won't go into to all the upholstery details, but I had to replace all the foam padding and batting under the old, dirty fabric.  And this is my result:

But it's too wide for my foyer where I wanted to place it.  So I decided to post it on Facebook for sale to see if I could sell it. I had sold other pieces on my So Very Shari Creations page (Like me at!/pages/So-Very-Shari-Creations/266454463458868).  I listed it to see what would happen.  In the mean time, I had mailed a picture of it to the previous owner with my business card. 
She and her husband sent me a friend request on Facebook and commented on the photo I had placed on my page.  When she asked how much I wanted for it, I was a little embarrased to tell her the price, since she knew I only paid $10.  But I figured I had some time and money into it.  Without hesitation she said "I'll take it"!  I was estatic.  The bench was to be returned home.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More for the love of Mason...

I just love this piece I made...I mean, that I designed.  When I think about it, I guess my husband made it.  I bought the wooden square - it's an outdoor floor "tile".  Then my wonderful handyman, carpenter, painter, design assistant, husband sanded it, stained it, purchased and mounted the clamps, attached the little hanging clips on the back and put the jars on.  So, I guess I can take credit for the design idea and adding the flowers.  I'm so thankful that he is so willing to execute my plans - I am truly blessed.
Thank you, Russ Jamieson, for all you do! 
(I still owe you for the clamps, don't I?)