Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This is the one that started it all.

My new addiction to these old style telephone tables (a.k.a. Gossip Bench) started when my husband bought me one for my birthday. We had spotted one at a flea market and I really liked it, but we left without it. Later that day, Russ went back and bought it without me knowing and started the makeover to surprise me for my birthday. I recovered the cushion with one of my favorite animal prints...and the trend continued. 

My daughter spotted this one at a garage sale and asked if I wanted to do another one.  I  posted the "before" picture on Facebook before I even started it.  My friend, Joni, contacted me, after seeing my original one at my house and had to have one.  She requested the leopard print.

Before that one was finished, I had found another bench at a flea market and decided to paint it black and to continue with my animal print theme, this time I would do zebra.  Since the seat wasn't padded, I made my own cushion.

I didn't have a buyer for this one, but when Joni came to get Lizzie (the leopard bench I'd named) so also bought Zoe - the zebra one to give as a gift!

Now I was ready to try something a little different.  Maybe something for a little girl or teen's room.  So I found this beauty on and drove way too far to get it, but it didn't cost much and was totally worth it.  I painted a floral design on the top that I think really added a nice touch - so feminine and girlie.  She has not been adopted yet, but Patty won't be here much longer, I'm sure.

I just found another one on craigslist, while traveling out of town and I bought for a lady who requested one to give as a Christmas gift.  Since she's already spoken for, I'll continue to look for these lovely treasures.   I'm having a hard time letting go of some of pieces, they become like children to me - heck, I'm even naming them.

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