Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I love mason jars, I always have - even before they were cool or retro.  But now that I know how trendy they are, I guess I love them more.  I've always liked them as vases for wild flowers and am a fan of some rustic, country decor now and then, so I've decided to make some different varieties of my own.  From simple paint, chalk paint, distressed paint - I even did some glass stain.   Here are some of the recent ones that I've made:

 This one is painted with glow in the dark paint, over the yellow, so it shows up at night.

This was inspired from a picture on pinterest by "it all started with paint".  I think I'll be making different colored versions of this set.
One of my favorites, the good ol' red, white and blue.

How about a gift basket of vases?  You may not be able to tell from the picture, but the colors of the jars are all from the ribbon on the front of the homemade crate - made by my husband.
These vases in these two pictures were painted with homemade chalk paint (using unsanded grout in the paint mixture).
Here's a candy feeder and pump soap dispenser:
...I'm not done yet....
How 'bout some Redneck Toasting Glasses for the entire bridal party? 
 And they're personalized!
Hold on, there's more...
Anyone need a pedicure in a jar...my Barefoot SPA jars are fun and colorful!
My last project for this post -  adhesive-backed chalkboard labels.  The possibilities are endless!

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