Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This is the one that started it all.

My new addiction to these old style telephone tables (a.k.a. Gossip Bench) started when my husband bought me one for my birthday. We had spotted one at a flea market and I really liked it, but we left without it. Later that day, Russ went back and bought it without me knowing and started the makeover to surprise me for my birthday. I recovered the cushion with one of my favorite animal prints...and the trend continued. 

My daughter spotted this one at a garage sale and asked if I wanted to do another one.  I  posted the "before" picture on Facebook before I even started it.  My friend, Joni, contacted me, after seeing my original one at my house and had to have one.  She requested the leopard print.

Before that one was finished, I had found another bench at a flea market and decided to paint it black and to continue with my animal print theme, this time I would do zebra.  Since the seat wasn't padded, I made my own cushion.

I didn't have a buyer for this one, but when Joni came to get Lizzie (the leopard bench I'd named) so also bought Zoe - the zebra one to give as a gift!

Now I was ready to try something a little different.  Maybe something for a little girl or teen's room.  So I found this beauty on and drove way too far to get it, but it didn't cost much and was totally worth it.  I painted a floral design on the top that I think really added a nice touch - so feminine and girlie.  She has not been adopted yet, but Patty won't be here much longer, I'm sure.

I just found another one on craigslist, while traveling out of town and I bought for a lady who requested one to give as a Christmas gift.  Since she's already spoken for, I'll continue to look for these lovely treasures.   I'm having a hard time letting go of some of pieces, they become like children to me - heck, I'm even naming them.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I love mason jars, I always have - even before they were cool or retro.  But now that I know how trendy they are, I guess I love them more.  I've always liked them as vases for wild flowers and am a fan of some rustic, country decor now and then, so I've decided to make some different varieties of my own.  From simple paint, chalk paint, distressed paint - I even did some glass stain.   Here are some of the recent ones that I've made:

 This one is painted with glow in the dark paint, over the yellow, so it shows up at night.

This was inspired from a picture on pinterest by "it all started with paint".  I think I'll be making different colored versions of this set.
One of my favorites, the good ol' red, white and blue.

How about a gift basket of vases?  You may not be able to tell from the picture, but the colors of the jars are all from the ribbon on the front of the homemade crate - made by my husband.
These vases in these two pictures were painted with homemade chalk paint (using unsanded grout in the paint mixture).
Here's a candy feeder and pump soap dispenser:
...I'm not done yet....
How 'bout some Redneck Toasting Glasses for the entire bridal party? 
 And they're personalized!
Hold on, there's more...
Anyone need a pedicure in a Barefoot SPA jars are fun and colorful!
My last project for this post -  adhesive-backed chalkboard labels.  The possibilities are endless!

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Studio - My New Creation Station

I had a pretty nice home office/craft room. But a couple months ago I asked my husband if he could build me some more shelves. Being the overachiever that he is...I got a whole new craft room!
Guest bedroom turned Studio
Blue wall & beige carpet - GONE!
Laying out the floor plan
We literally cleaned out the guest - even selling the oak bedroom suite.

During the destruction phase

 I wish I had taken more "before" and "during" pictures, but here are a few.

So for the past few months, I've been trying to create my new room. The toughest part was coming up with a new layout when I was starting from scratch.  We put in new laminate flooring, painted the walls a sunny yellow, added cabinets and a counter top...and all kinds of storage.  (OK, my husband did all that but the color choices and style were mine!) 

And here it is...

Welcome to the Studio of So Very Shari Creations

 I have tons of counter space and a place where I can have my supplies and equipment at my fingertips.
 I made the window valance and matching chair pad to coordinate with my new colors.
Being able to see all my things, having better access to them (and remembering where they are) has made crafting more fun!

It was important to me for Joey & Gabriella to have their own place in my room - we do a lot of crafts together.  This peninsula add-on works great and gives me another work surface.

It was also important for my husband (aka carpenter/painter/handy man/assistant) to have a spot. He even let me keep the antique white desk that I love so much.
I hope you enjoyed your tour.  Come back again and craft with me ~
the door is open!

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Life for Old Windows

I found some old windows at a  flea market.  I didn't really have a plan for them, but I had seen so many items on Pinterest, that I bought them to have "just in case".  

I scraped the paint, cleaned up the glass, used a little wood filler and my husband helped with the building of the flower box .  Now I have window hanging on the side of the shed.  This is one my outdoor favorite finds.

I will continue my hunt for miscellaneous treasures and turn my ideas into something beautiful.

This Grandma Rocks!

We found this diamond in the rough at a yard sale when the grandkids were with us. Five year old, Gabriella, sat down in it and refused to get up until I promised to buy it for her. She said it was the "only thing she loved at the whole sale"! Grandma gave in - I'm so glad I did.

The new color scheme fits in nice in my new guess who's hanging out with Grandma!