Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nautical Headboard - Before & After

We've been making over a couple rooms in our house. While looking for a new headboard for the guest room, I was shocked at the cost for even a simple one. I had found some wooden boat wheels that were slightly damaged on clearance for $4. I bought them to use "for something, some day". 
During the recent flight to Las Vegas to renew our wedding vows for our 25th Anniversary; with too much idle time on my hands, I came up with a use for one of the wheels that would solve my headboard dilemma. 
Fortunately, I married (and re-married) the best carpenter/handy man/carpenter/design assistant in the world.  Someone who can usually execute my plans regardless of how impossible they might be.

OK, he may say he's not the best, but he is the most tolerant! 

Our Nautical guest room is one of my favorite places in our house.