Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pinterest Pics

These are random photo of things I've made that I have posted on Pinterest.  Most of the ideas came from other Pinners.  ~ Thanks to all you talented and creative people!

Fall Topiary
I found a fall topiary on Pinterest that I really liked. The link led me to  This is a picture of the one I just completed. Fall is here, so I may as well embrace it 

Here are pics of some of the storage crate / seats I've been making. I started making them for children in my family (grandchildren, nephews, etc.)

John Deere

Winnie-the-Pooh Forest Scene Print

Then I decided that adults need cute storage solutions too. These are some of the more adult versions I've created.

Black/white daisy with pink ribbons

Cute pink and brown paisley pattern

Red bandana print with 2 coordinating pillows

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