Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall is here...but I LOVE Summer!

It's no secret to anyone who knows me...I love summer!  I refuse to do anything "fall like" until the calendar officially says fall.  I won't buy mums, decorate with pumpkins, leaves, etc. and certainly nothing Halloween related.

Sarah & Jim

Our daughter, Sarah, got married on Friday night (the last day of Summer) and it was a beautiful and fun celebration of the beginning of their life together.  I truly believe that her and Jim were meant to be together.  But now that all the summer events are over, and fall is really here, I may as well embrace it.

With the cooler temperatures and rainy weather, it feels like fall.  I am ready to start fall crafting.  Today would've a perfect day for it; but I had to travel for work.  So that gives me about 12 hours of ride time over the next few days to let my creative mind run wild.  Fortunately, I remembered to pack my creative journal because you never know when the creative ideas will may be in downtown Cleveland or just north of Detroit on I-75.  So Happy Fall Y'all!

(Ken - this one is for you!)

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