Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Scenes from My Backyard

It doesn't take much to make me cry these days...not because I'm sad, but because I feel so lucky and blessed. I realize the struggles and difficulty that others are going through on a daily basis, often without the support of family and friends.  In fact, the other night as I sat outdoors enjoying the cooler evening air, tears started to roll down my face as I looked around at all the beauty that surrounded me.  I couldn't believe this was all ours.  That this is something we created.
My husband, who doesn't get enough credit for all the wonderful things he does, has helped create our lovely back yard.  I'm usually the "idea" person and he's the talented one that gets to execute my plan.  And to be honest, not ALL of my plans get put into action and not ALL of them are good.  However, my tranquil patio/pergola area is a great one.  We started with a cement slab just off the back of the garage.  It took a few years to get it where it is now, but this was an ever-changing plan.  He built "my" pergola based on plans that I drew up after a lot of research (thank you HGTV and DIY networks).  We added a candle-abra chandelier, a wooden swing, and a quiet bubbling fountain.  He made the trellises (based on my design) and planted the wisteria that I wanted for privacy.  It is so quiet and peaceful here.  I love to come out here and listen to the gentle bubbling of the fountain while I swing myself into relaxation mode.  Occasionally, there's a glass of wine included in this crossing over!

A few years ago for Christmas, my dad bought me this set of 3 barrels.  I just love the rustic, country look of them.  The first summer we attempted to use them as part of a water feature. We had water being pumped from one barrel into the next through a spigot that Russ inserted in each one and circulating around.  However, the solar powered pump couldn't keep up with my grand plan.  The next summer the barrels never left the shed, but this year they were resurrected as flower planters.  Then I saw this cool "floating" watering can on Pinterest and had to make one for myself.  Again, the idea was mine on what materials to use, but Russ came through with a way to do it.  After a couple of angle changes and a paint job to camouflage the rod, I love the way it turned out.

I must add, that occasionally he comes up with a great idea, but I rarely get to execute...except for this one.  The back yard was nice, but lacked color.  He suggested some colorful Adirondack chairs, but the wood ones were cost prohibited for my outdoor budget.  I found some great ones on-line at True Value, that included a $5 off coupon and free shipping to the store.  I placed two separate orders and used the coupon code twice.  Voila!  These chairs add that much needed punch of color, without breaking the bank.

Apparently, they're quite inviting, too.  Our neighbor told me the other night, that a couple weeks ago, he saw a young couple drive by, stop their car, get out and sit in our chairs for a while...then they got up and left. Based on the description of the car and the people - it was no one we know. I don't know if I'm upset or just think it's funny? 

I know that I love my back yard, I guess it's nice that others enjoy it, too!